What Is a Power Transformer?

2023-03-10 11:04

Power transformer is a soft magnetic electromagnetic component whose functions are power transmission, voltage conversion and insulation isolation, and is widely used in power supply technology and power electronics technology.

Power transformers are used in almost all electronic products. Its principle is very simple, but according to different use occasions (different purposes), the winding process of the transformer will have different requirements. The functions of the Power transformer mainly include: voltage conversion; impedance conversion; isolation; voltage stabilization (magnetic saturation transformer), etc. The core shapes commonly used in transformers are generally E-type and C-type.

What is a Power transformer?

The iron core materials used in Power transformers mainly include iron sheets, low-silicon sheets, and high-silicon sheets. Adding silicon sheets to the steel sheet can reduce the conductivity of the steel sheet, increase the resistivity, reduce eddy currents, and reduce losses. The steel sheet that is generally called silicon is silicon steel sheet. The quality of silicon steel sheet used in power transformers is closely related to the quality of silicon steel sheet. The quality of silicon steel sheet is generally expressed by magnetic flux density B, and the B value of general black iron sheet is 6000-8000 , the low silicon chip is 9000-11000, and the high silicon chip is 12000-16000.

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