Transformer for Frequency Converter

1. Converter Transformer has high magnetic flux and selects low-loss magnetic materials,
2. Converter Transformer has low leakage inductance and high efficiency.
3. Converter Transformer has high frequency and strong anti-interference.


Introduction of Converter Transformer:

Converter Transformer refers to the power transformer connected between the converter bridge and the AC system. The converter transformer is used to realize the connection between the converter bridge and the AC busbar, and to provide a three-phase commutation voltage with a neutral point not grounded for the converter bridge. The converter transformer and the converter bridge are the main body of the converter unit.

Converter Transformer

Specifications of Converter Transformer:

Converter Transformer

Advantages of Converter Transformer:

1. Converter Transformer can transmit electricity;

2. Convert the AC system voltage to the commutation voltage required by the converter;

3. Converter Transformer uses different connection methods of transformer windings to provide two sets of three-phase symmetrical commutation voltages with equal amplitude and 30° phase difference (fundamental electrical angle) for two series-connected converters to achieve twelve pulsating commutation;

4. Insulate and isolate the DC part and the AC system from each other, so as to avoid the direct short circuit caused by the neutral point grounding of the AC system and the neutral point grounding of the DC part, making the commutation impossible;

5. The leakage reactance of Converter Transformer can limit the fault current;

6. It can buffer and suppress the lightning impulse overvoltage wave that invades the converter station along the AC line.

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Dandong Zhongding Electronics Co., Ltd. has more than 20 years of experience in the switching transformer manufacturing industry, committed to providing customers with a variety of transformer coil products. 

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Converter Transformer


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